Why practice sport fishing in Madagascar?


Sport fishing is a passion for thousands of people who love the sea and its potential. There are places in the world that are famous for being ideal spots for the practice of this activity and one of these is Madagascar. Sport fishing in Madagascar is widespread thanks to the characteristics of its sea, a real paradise for enthusiasts who often dream of sailing in these waters.



Our Nosy Be fishing center is an important reference point for all tourists but above all for those Italians who wish to live this experience. We have been present in the area for several years now and our experience is the best calling card for safe and exciting fishing excursions in Madagascar. The crew on board our boats is composed mainly of experienced local fishermen with a good knowledge of Italian, known for being nice and funny people. The inhabitants of this country are positive and always cheerful people, who hardly lose their smiles. A sport fishing excursion in Madagascar with the local fishermen is one of the most sensational experiences you can have during a vacation in this country. In fact, during the day on the boat you do not exclusively dedicate yourself to fishing but it is an opportunity to visit the beautiful coasts of the archipelago of Nosy Be, a group of islands located in the northwestern part of the main island, which is characterized by the pristine and wild landscapes, unique in their kind. The beaches of this part of the Pacific coast are characterized by the whiteness of their sand, so brilliant that it almost blinds. The vegetation frames them at the back while the crystalline sea surrounds them in an eternal embrace.



Sport fishing in Madagascar is so widespread thanks to the currents that whip this African island and make its sea particularly rich in fish. For this reason sport fishing in Madagascar is so practiced and loved, as well as being one of the main sources of income in the country. The areas with more fish are in the northern part of the main island and for this reason we have decided to open our fishing center in Madagascar on the beautiful island of Nosy Be, more precisely in the northern part of the country. Our business is located inside the Baia Beftoka Residence, an oasis of peace and serenity a short distance from Andilana Beach, one of the most beautiful and appreciated beaches of Nosy Be.



This stretch of sea is particularly suitable for those who like to spend relaxing days on the beach and the sea, because the coral reef protects the coast of the currents and makes its waters almost always calm and quiet, making it a safe haven. The residence has welcoming bungalows set in a huge tropical garden a few steps from the beach, easily reachable on foot with a short walk immersed in nature. The sunsets at these latitudes have a different taste, which can be enjoyed here after a day of sport fishing in Madagascar, sipping a drink barefoot on the beach or by the pool while silence reigns around.



Our presence as a fishing center in Madagascar has now become a reference especially for the quality of the service we offer. We provide various boats with various characteristics and varied equipment so as to satisfy any type of fisherman. In our boat park there are also a 10-meter semi-cabin speedboat and a splendid catamaran with four berths, with which to make fishing trips in Madagascar totally immersed in nature and its beauty. The crew of our boats was born and raised in these areas, this means that the guided tours of the archipelago and its beauties have an extra ingredient. Moreover, the excellent knowledge of this sea and its characteristics makes navigation absolutely safe and, above all, sport fishing lovers in Madagascar will be accompanied in the most interesting spots where to find the most beautiful and abundant varieties fish from the area. With our semi-cabin cruiser we can take tourists up to the Banco del Gran Castoro, 50 miles off the coast of Nosy Be, where a coral reef creates an incredible marine habitat. Here, excellent deep-sea fishing is practiced but it is also an extraordinary area for diving and it is difficult to come across other boats, which makes everything even more fascinating. The island of Nosy Be is now far away, disappeared behind the horizon and all around there is only the sea to keep company and to rock a day of passion and relaxation.


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