Fishing Madagascar

Lovers of fishing in Madagascar find the perfect conditions to try their hand at fantastic very satisfying deep-sea sessions. The African country is one of the most popular destinations for those who love this kind of sport. Thanks to the currents that unleash this portion of the east coast of Africa, in fact, Madagascar is one of the most fishing spots on the planet. Its sea is rich in fish of many species, especially in the northern part of the country. Madagascar is an island of enormous dimensions but around it there are other smaller islands, such as Nosy Be, a paradise in the northwestern part of the island country. Fishing in Madagascar is a thriving activity to which many inhabitants are dedicated but it is also an excellent pastime for tourists, so much so that many are those who choose to visit the island just to have this experience. Being protagonists of yellow tuna fishing, barracuda or sharks is a very strong emotion for fans of the genre.

Fishing in Madagascar does not require special specific skills and is an activity suitable for all ages. Among the centers that organize fishing excursions in Madagascar, ours at Nosy Be is one of the reference points for Italian tourists who want to try their hand at sport fishing in Madagascar. We are in the northern part of the island of Nosy Be, close to the paradisiacal Andiliana Beach, one of the most popular destinations for those looking for the sea and dream beaches. Our fishing center in Madagascar is located inside the Baia Befotka Residence on the beach of the same name. This part of the coast is protected by a splendid coral reef, which creates the ideal conditions for bathers, making it a port among the safest on the island. We provide our customers with everything they need to go on a fun-filled sport fishing trip in Madagascar on board our boats equipped with everything needed for a day of deep-sea fishing.


The crew of our boats is composed of very experienced local staff and an Italian guide, if necessary, so as to make the day even more pleasant and interesting. The local inhabitants are known for their extraordinary hospitality and disruptive friendliness, capable of making any excursion pleasant and enjoyable. Between a chat, a joke and a lesson on the local marine fauna, time flies aboard our boats and when you return to the port at sunset you would immediately want to turn the bow of the boat to relive the emotions of the day just ended.

There are many types of sport fishing in Madagascar that can be practiced in the beautiful waters of Nosy Be and it is difficult to return to the port empty-handed in the evening. Depending on the conditions of the sea, the period and the wishes of our customers, in fact, we are able to accompany tourists on interesting trolling coastal and offshore fishing, deep and light bollentine, as well as in the drifting fishing jigging. What surprises anyone who decides to participate in one of these sports fishing trips in Madagascar is the variety of fish that can be brought on board in just one day. In addition to the species indicated above, in fact, it is also possible to fish for wahoos and green job fish, snappers, groupers and sailfish. The lucky ones can also witness the passage of the majestic black marlin, a protected species.

Sport fishing in Madagascar is not the only activity of a day on a boat with our fishing center. Navigation is an opportunity to visit the splendid coasts of this unspoiled corner of Africa, where the paradisiacal beaches shine in the sun and the turquoise sea frames splendid breathtaking landscapes. The Nosy Be archipelago is an extraordinary place to spend a sunny and relaxing day admiring some of the most fascinating landscapes in the country. The nuances assumed by the Pacific Ocean in this part of the coast are extraordinary and inspire long baths and pleasant swims. Our experienced crew is available to advise on the safest stretches of sea to dive into to get intoxicated with the beauty of these overwhelming scenarios.

We are available for any information regarding our sport fishing excursions in Madagascar. Our center is located in a very convenient location to reach from the Fascene airport of Nosy Be, which is just 20 km away.

Fishing madagascar

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