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There is a corner of Sardinia in Madagascar, one of the exotic countries that in recent years is increasing tourism more rapidly. The reasons are different but many are related to sport fishing in Madagascar, an activity that enthuses and involves an increasing number of people. Madagascar is a huge island facing the south-eastern coasts of Africa washed by the Pacific Ocean, it is a land extraordinarily rich in plant and natural species, as are its coasts. Thanks to the favorable currents, in fact, the Malagasy sea is inhabited by many species of fish, which find here the ideal living conditions. For this reason sport fishing in Madagascar is one of the main activities of the island, one of which tourists ask most frequently.

The most prolific areas for fishing in Madagascar are the northern areas of the mother island. Here lies the small archipelago of Nosy Be, a true natural paradise bathed by the crystalline sea. On the island of Nosy Be rises our fishing center in Madagascar, an important reference point for tourists who want to try their hand at this exciting experience but not only. We are reachable in about 40 minutes by car from Nosy Be airport and we are inside the Baia Beftoka Residence, an extraordinary tropical garden where tourists can find cozy bungalows equipped with every comfort for their holidays. The presence of a large coral reef in front of this corner of the coast makes this part of the island a safe haven in all weather and weather conditions. For this reason the splendid Andilana Beach is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in all of Nosy Be.

Although our activity is mainly born to accompany tourists in sport fishing in Madagascar, our activity is much more extensive and is proposed as a true point of reference for an unforgettable holiday in the country of the lemurs. We have three types of fishing excursion boats available in Madagascar and we are therefore able to satisfy all (or almost all) of our customers' wishes. With the 10-meter semi-cabin boat we can go up to 50 miles from the coast of Nosy Be to practice deep-sea fishing in the splendid Banco del Gran Castoro. It takes almost three hours to reach this spot and once you arrive the island of Nosy Be has disappeared behind the horizon. It is one of the favorite places for those who love sport fishing in Madagascar, like Banco Leven and Banco di Gran Serpant. Tuna, sharks, groupers, barracudas and the mythological black marlin are just some of the species that can be found in the nets and hooks of this splendid corner of the Pacific Ocean.

We practice different types of sport fishing in Madagascar: coastal and offshore trolling, depth and light bollentino and jigging drifting, to be chosen according to the areas and experience desired by the guest fishermen. Our fishing boats in Madagascar are governed by professional and experienced crews, mainly composed of local personnel. This guarantees maximum safety on board, given the profound knowledge of the coasts by Malagasy fishermen, but also days of joy and light-heartedness. The inhabitants of Madagascar are known for their friendliness and exuberance, they never lose their smiles and are ready to share their joy with tourists. The experience of sport fishing in Madagascar on board our boats is open to everyone, even to less experienced fishermen of all ages.

Although the fishing experience in Madagascar is at the base of our activity, it is not the only one we offer to tourists who come to us. In fact we also organize exciting excursions in the islands of the Nosy Be archipelago on board our catamaran or a sailboat, to discover the timeless beauty of this paradise. We offer different experiences for anyone who wants to get to know the beauty of Madagascar in an alternative and non-trivial way, taking advantage of our experience and our knowledge for a safe journey. We are a reference for Italians to Nosy Be and our fleet is continuously subjected to checks and revisions to always be in perfect working order. Boat cruises around the island include stopping in many places far from mass tourism, where you can breathe the feeling of absolute freedom that this country offers. Fishing excursions in Madagascar are a unique opportunity in life to visit an extraordinary paradise.

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